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Carte Accent 

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Yout Accent card allows you to collect points every time you stay in a 1- to 5-star SEH hotel, in France and soon in Europe.

and effective

Earn points for each night spent in an SEH (Société Européenne d'Hôtellerie) hotel upon presentation of your Accent card at the hotel reception when settling your bill at checkout. Valid for a maximum of 5 consecutive nights*.

  • 2 Accent points for 1 night in a P'tit Dej-HOTEL
  • 3 Accent points for 1 night in an INTER-HOTEL
  • 4 Accent points for 1 night in a QUALYS-HOTEL
  • 4 Accent points for 1 night in a Relais du Silence hotel

Points are valid for up to 2 years after they are awarded.

Earn rewards quickly with INTER-HOTEL, P'tit Dej-HOTEL, QUALYS-HOTEL and Relais du Silence

From your second stay, you can exchange your points for rewards :

  • For 20 points, you get a bottle of Laurent-Perrier** Brut L-P champagne in a case,
  • For 30 points, you get an immediate discount of €40
  • For 40 points, you get a €50 card (valid for 1 year in SEH Group hotels and restaurants)
  • For 100 points, you get a gift card worth €120 that can be used towards a Relais du Silence gift pack